Theatre Laminar Air Flow

We are manufacturing and supplying a quality precession engineered Laminar Air Flow Units for Operation Theatre, which is manufactured with international quality standards.

Advantages :
  • Air-Stream is not directed at the operator causing less stress over
  • Larger pieces of equipment cause less
  • Larger working area
Application Areas :
  • Microbiological manipulations
  • Bio-assays and sterility testing
  • Bio clean protection for semi-automatic vial filling and bunging
  • Bio clean protection for semi-automatic vial filling and bunging
  • Operations in parenteral production, hospitals, pathological laboratories, microelectronics, optics, food and beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry, avionics and biotechnology
  • Dry processing of electrons, electronic integration and micro feature assembly or, for automatic filling lines in parenteral production
  • Microbiological labs or other research control centers engaged in investigative work with sub-toxic materials
  • Providing protection for open vessels of chemicals, solvents or powders
Technical Specification:
CleanlinessClass 100
Particle retention0.3 micron
Velocity90FPM + 20%
Illumination750 – 800 lumen
Noise level60-65 decibels
StandardFED 209E
Power supply220v single phase